November 2009

Embracing the Infidel

A Lecture and Book Discussion with author Behzad Yaghmaian


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mitchell College Library


Behzad Yaghmaian is an Iranian-born author living in the United States. Currently, he is a Professor of Political Economy at Ramapo College in New Jersey. He has taught international political economy in the United States, Iran, and Turkey. He has published a number of articles on globalization and Third World Studies in various academic journals.

“A masterful storyteller, Yaghmaian reveals many layers to the refugees’ personalities and histories, and some to his own.” —The San Francisco Chronicle

In September 2002, Yaghmaian left the United States, traveling for two years in the Middle East and Europe and enters the world of Muslim migrants. He lived among them, listened to their hopes, dreams, and fears. In the book he shares their stories of yearning, persecution, and unwavering faith and tells their extraordinary stories of hope for a new life in the West. It takes us on a journey through a modern-day underground railroad that stretches from Istanbul to London. Yaghmaian spent two years traveling with these men and women, visiting their transit camps and safe houses, meeting them in police custody, and collecting their stories.

“Embracing the Infidel is a tale of hardship, adventure and hope, and of life in refugee camps in Bulgaria, tent cities in Greece, slum ghettos in Turkey and, for the fortunate ones, fugitive existences in Paris and London. Their dreams are of survival and a better life in the West,” Associate Professor Mary Loose remarks.

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ForcedMigrationHumanRightsAndSecurityForced Migration, Human Rights and Security

edited by Jane McAdam

Format: ebook

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Book Review from Internation Journal of Refugee Law


Storm from the East : The Struggle Between the Arab World and the Christian West

by Milton Viorst

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A review from Middle East Journal

Lecture by Milton Viorst about the book to the Carnegie Council

Publisher’s Description

“America’s engagement with the Arab world stretches back far beyond the Iraq wars. According to Milton Viorst, the current conflict is simply the latest round in a 1,400-year struggle between Christianity and Islam, in which the United States became a participant only in the last century.”  Read more…


the_lexus_and_the_olive_treThe Lexus and the Olive Tree

by Thomas Friedman

Format: print

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The author’s website

 Publisher’s Description
“From one of our most perceptive commentators and winner of the National Book Award, a comprehensive look at the new world of globalization, the international system that, more than anything else, is shaping world affairs today. Read more…

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