This March, celebrate Women’s History Month through the Library’s vibrant book displays. Art, literature, workplace culture, our society as a whole – each of these and much more has been influenced and shaped by the talents and struggles of women throughout history. You can find a selection of sample books below – stop by today to learn something new!

In addition to our book displays, you can also get a taste for the amazing women in history on our sibling blog, The Chameleon. There you can explore some of the amazing women in our science, military, political and sports history! This year we’re featuring Rosalind Franklin (who contributed to the discovery of DNA structure), Mary Edwards Walker (surgeon during the Civil War and abolitionist), and Gertrude Bell (author, architect, adventurer, and spy).

It’s an unfortunate truth that for a long time, men wrote the history books and left the accomplishments of the world’s women. This month is a month to celebrate those successes!