Environmental Studies

By Tim Flannery
Bestselling Author

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Includes author bio, book reviews, and additional learning resources.

Author interview with Terry Gross (Fresh Air, WHYY)

Publisher Description
An international best seller embraced and endorsed by policy makers, scientists, writers, and energy industry executives from around the world, Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers helped bring the topic of global warming to national prominence. For the first time, a scientist provided an accessible and comprehensive account of the history, current status, and future impact of climate change, writing what has been acclaimed by reviewers everywhere as the definitive book on global warming…. Read more…

By Alisdair McGregor, Cole Roberts, and Fiona Cousins
Forward by Amory Lovins

Format: print

Press Release (CNBC)

Publisher Description
Setting politics aside, Two Degrees reviews the current science and explains how we can set practical steps to reduce the extent of [global] warming and to adapt to the inevitable changes, all while improving the bottom line, beautifying our communities, and increasing human health… Read more…

By Andrew Goudie

Format: print

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Publisher Description
…an essential introduction to the past, present and future impact of humans on Earth… Read more…

Hurricane Force: In the Path of America’s Deadliest Storms

By Joseph B. Treaster
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow at Mitchell College

Format: print

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Visit 1H20.org (edited by Mr. Treaster)

Booklist Review
Journalist Treaster reported on Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans for The New York Times, and his gripping photo-essay blends particulars of the tragedy with an in-depth overview of America’s hurricane history.”  Read more…

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