Popular fiction and movie adaptations often explore themes similar to those found in classic literature.  These and more recommendations by female authors are now on display and available to borrow.

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Additional recommendations include:

If you liked…Twilight…then you might like…

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If you liked…The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants…then you might like…

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Recommended by Louise Steinberg

By Ellen Greenfield

Format: print

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“The seven characters we meet at the onset of this remarkable novel, each wrapped in the particular music of their separate lives, are soon to experience the sudden arrival of darkness—New York City’s two-day black out of summer, 1977—and the subsequent transformation of everything. Written with grace and perceptive intelligence, the narrative that follows is humane, mysterious, tragic, compelling and beautiful. Come From Nowhere is a gift to thoughtful readers.” Read more descriptions and reviews…

Recommended by Katie Nazarian

The One Book, One Region selection for 2012

By Geraldine Brooks

Formats: print and downloadable ebook

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New York Times Book Review

Publisher Description
Living in the isolated Puritan settlement of Great Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard, Bethia Mayfield, the bright young daughter of the local minister, balances her strict religion with a passionate love of nature and a growing curiosity about the culture of the Wampanoag tribe that populates the island. When Bethia secretly strikes up a friendship with a young Wampanoag named Caleb, she unknowingly begins a journey that will shape her life. Read more…

Recommended by the NPR Summer Reading Series

By Patrick Flanery

Format: print

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Publisher Description
In this stunning literary debut, Patrick Flanery delivers a devastating and intimate portrait of post-apartheid South Africa, and the perils of taking sides when the sides are changing around you. Read more…

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