Together with the ancient Greek philosophers, I accept the proposition that all we know and believe is derived from our experiences.  Thus my beliefs find their roots in my life experiences.  Among the most influential are: my family,  a student in universities in both America and Europe, a volunteer social worker, a college teacher, a mayor in a small community, and a communication consultant in diverse major corporations.  In the course of these varied experiences, certain beliefs have been formed and inform my life.

I believe that there is an historical dimension to each human life.  Thus each of us has an evolving unique history.  This history is formed by our experiences and our choices.

I believe that each of us is continually evolving toward a greater or less authentic human person.  Thus there is no “standing still” on our evolutionary human journey.

I believe that there are distinct stages of awareness in what it means to be a human being.  Once these stages of awareness have been achieved, it is not possible to forever disavow them.

I believe that it is impossible to engage in this human evolutionary process, this continuous education, without the assistance of and relationship with other human beings.

Finally, I believe that choosing to terminate our authentic human development, our continual education, is fanaticism.  Whether this fanaticism is religious, political, racial, sexual or cultural, it presents the greatest threat to ourselves, our families, our country and to all the peoples of the earth.