Women’s Studies

A rich and diverse display exploring women’s impact on the world of art, music, and literature. Here is a sample of what you’ll find.

By Hillary L. Shute

Format: print

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Hillary Shute’s Faculty Profile at University of Chicago

Publisher Description
Some of the most acclaimed books of the twenty-first century are autobiographical comics by women…Hillary L. Chute explores their verbal and visual techniques, which have transformed autobiographical narrative and contemporary comics. Read more…

By Edna O’Brien

Format: print

Seeking the Ardent Life, Finding It and Sharing It (from the New York Times)

“Country Girl” Edna O’Brien On A Lifetime Of Lit, Loneliness And Love (from National Public Radio)

Publisher Description
When Edna O’Brien’s first novel, The Country Girls, was published in 1960, it so scandalized the O’Briens’ local parish that the book was burned by its priest. O’Brien was undeterred and has since created a body of work that bears comparison with the best writing of the twentieth century. Read more…

By Susan Hamilton

Format: print

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Author’s Description
Hit Woman is the story of Susan Hamilton’s wildly improbable life: from early days as a child prodigy and actor, through heady success on the concert stage, in the boardrooms of Madison Ave. and over the talkback microphones of recording studios all over the world. This personal and most intimate tale is spun in a voice that is fresh, funnier than hell, and always unflinchingly candid — even in the face of heartbreaking tragedy and more than one wrenching life/love setback… Read more…

The history of women in the workplace is long and storied. These titles and more are now on display and available to borrow.

By Sheryl Sandberg

Format: print

Supporting women in the workplace through community, education, and circles.

NPR Interviews Offering Two Perspectives:
Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Explains What’s Holding Women Back
Lean In: Not Much of a Manifesto But Still a Win for Women

Publisher Description
In Lean In, [Sandberg] shares her personal stories, uses research to shine a light on gender differences, and offers practical advice to help women achieve their goals. The book challenges us to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what we can do, and serves as a rallying cry for us to work together to create a more equal world….. Read more…

By Lynn Povich

Format: print

“Good Girls” Fight to be Journalists (from the New York Times)

“Good Girls Revolt” Story of a Newsroom Uprising (from National Public Radio)

Interview with the Author (from The Daily Beast)

Publisher Description
On March 16, 1970, the day Newsweek published a cover story on the fledgling feminist movement entitled “Women in Revolt,” forty-six Newsweek women charged the magazine with discrimination in hiring and promotion. It was the first female class action lawsuit––the first by women journalists––and it inspired other women in the media to quickly follow suit… Read more…

By Ruth Rosen

Format: print

The Feminist Mystique (from the New York Times)

Author’s Website

Book Discussion with the Author (46:29 via CSPAN)

Publisher Description
In this enthralling narrative-the first of its kind-historian and journalist Ruth Rosen chronicles the history of the American women’s movement from its beginnings in the 1960s to the present. Interweaving the personal with the political, she vividly evokes the events and people who participated in our era’s most far-reaching social revolution. Rosen’s fresh look … Read more…

Popular fiction and movie adaptations often explore themes similar to those found in classic literature.  These and more recommendations by female authors are now on display and available to borrow.

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Additional recommendations include:

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By Vandana Shiva

Format: print

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Author’s Website

Top 100 Women: Activists and Campaigners
Nominated by The Guardian

Interview with Bill Moyers

Publisher’s Description
In this intelligently argued and ethically principled book, the internationally renowned Third World environmentalist exposes the latest frontier of the North’s ongoing assault against the South’s biological and other resources. Since the land, the forests, the oceans, and the atmosphere have already been colonized, eroded, and polluted, she argues, Northern capital is now carving out new colonies to exploit for gain: the interior spaces of the bodies of women, plants, and animals.

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